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'If she can keep her confidence... If she continues to be the happy, comedic child I know her to be, we'll be ok. If I can keep her interested in school and not fear what is being asked of her, there is a greater chance she'll succeed.'  These were many of the "if's" I found myself saying over and over. I believed the answers to my 'if's' would lead us down the path towards her academic success. Then, she entered preschool.

Preschool became kindergarten and kindergarten became 1st grade. Difficulties in reading and writing were becoming more apparent. I began noticing certain patterns in both areas that were much more serious than a lack of interest on Tippy's part or "laziness". These difficulties were affecting her grades. I started doing my own research then, I sought a referral.  Now, here we are....

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Tippy the Great

3rd grader, jokester, hugger, future chef, fire fighter and "swim racer"

Tippy was affectionately named by her aunt after she noticed her walking on her tip toes ALL THE TIME.  When not prancing on her tiptoes, Tippy loves to swim, read picture books, play with her super hero action figures, and watch YouTube on her ipad. If you're ever in need of a hug, look for Tippy.

J Cromartie

mommy, advocate, communication specialist, educator

Jo has served in the capacity of clinical assistant professor where she trained graduate students and developed programs geared towards improving communication for adults and children. Currently she provides speech and language therapy to children in the schools.

Jo is a certified and licensed practicioner by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association, GA & NC Board of Speech Language Pathologists & Audiologists, and The Department of Public Instruction, NC